Hewlett Packard

Enterprise & Workstation Hardware


INsite Networks always looks for the most reliable equipment to service our clients’ networks. For that reason, we selected Hewlett-Packard as our primary hardware vendor. Since HP has split into two companies, HP & HPE (Enterprise), we have enhanced our focus on how HP can provide value to our clients.

​Hewlett Packard Enterprise

As a leading provider of servers, storage solutions and networking equipment, HPE continually advances the technology of their servers and keeps up with the latest architecture available.

They both build equipment and fill the supply chain, which means we can order standardized or customized configurations that can be delivered quickly, since it does not need to be built at a factory on a per-order basis.

​Hewlett Packard

Having equipment that delivers strong performance is critical to our clients’ success. That’s why HP is our preferred resource for workstations, laptops and printers.  Their reliability pushes the need to frequently purchase new equipment further out into the future, saving you money on capital expenditures over the long-term.

HP products are superior in quality, and their support (which is rarely needed) is always excellent. Let us show you how HP and HPE equipment can help give your organization the competitive edge.